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Thursday, March 29, 2012


Starting today and each Thursday during April, I am welcoming other authors as guests to the LEGACY blog. Since so many readers enjoy books in a series, these guest authors will be telling us about the series of books they have written. 

I'm delighted to have Dr. Veronica Esagui as my first guest author. 

She is a chiropractic physician, and the internationally and critically acclaimed author of The Scoliosis Self-Help Resource Book. In addition to maintaining a successful practice in West Linn, Oregon, she hosts The Author’s Forum, a television talk show featuring authors, publishers, editors, and others involved in the production of books. She is a member of The Northwest Association of Book Publishers, Pacific Northwest Literacy Alliance and the recipient of the NABP Member of the Year Award. She is the Chief Executive Officer of the Northwest Annual Book Festival, The Northwest Writers and Publishers Association, (NWPA) and Papyrus Press LLC, Publishing Company. 

The name of my series is Veronica’s Diaries. (They are not intended for anyone under 15 years old because of mature content.) When I first began writing my diaries I purposely wrote in Portuguese, my native language, so I didn’t have to hide them. Writing was my daily escape, and sometimes “stabbing words on paper” was what kept me strong. It cleaned me from inside out, very much like going to confession. Owning that freedom of expression was to me an open invitation to put aside all preconceived ideas of what was taboo and to write only the truth. Soon I was amazed to discover that by writing a past event of muddy waters it suddenly became crystal clear. This is one of the many benefits of writing non-fiction. 

The people and the stories portrayed in my diaries are all true as to my recollection when I began writing in Portuguese, Saturday, April 26, 1986, in Howell, New Jersey. Upon translating them to English, I kept it as it was written, but I have changed some names to protect the not so innocent. 

There are a total of five books:
The Journey of Innocence, Braving a New World, and Awakening the Woman Within have been published and are available in bookstores, Amazon.com and directly from www.veronicaesagui.net. 
Angels Among Us and The Gift are scheduled to be released at the end of 2012. 

Verónica’s Diary - The Journey of Innocence (1944-1962) Describes in the most candid manner the first eighteen years of Veronica’s life growing up in Portugal, until a pre-arranged marriage with her cousin brings her to the USA in 1962. 
REVIEW: “I laughed at all the childhood perceptions I'd forgotten. I recoiled at the sad hardships this young girl endured, and I melted at the beautiful experiences that touched her to the soul. I too am an author, and I must say, I was blown away by this beautiful, beautiful manuscript!"    ̶  Susan D. Kalior, Live the Mystery

Veronica’s Diary II - Braving the New World (1962-1988) Follows Veronica’s trail blazing accomplishments as a music teacher, performer, news reporter, owner of three music centers, playwright, theatre director, producer and owner of the only American dinner theatre in the world in a Japanese Restaurant.
REVIEW: “This is more than a story about the struggles of a new wife and mother in a strange country. It is a glimpse into a creative, loving, understanding, sometimes frightened, but always gentle, human being, overcoming challenges that would have knocked many of us out of the game. A great read and even greater inspiration.”    ̶   Jean Sheldon, Flowers for Her Grave
Veronica’s Diary III-Awakening the Woman Within (1988-1994) Her children are now grown up; her ex-husband is still her friend but her lovers don’t fit the role model of the romance novels she used to read as a young girl.
REVIEW: “Having read the first two volumes of Veronica’s Diary, I was eager to read the third book of the series. As before, the twists of speech and syntax, due to the translation from Portuguese to English, give a feeling of intimacy long associated with diaries. But this is not a catalog of daily events; it is the story of a woman’s remarkable character as she explores a new freedom in her third stage of life."     ̶   Alice Lynn, Scattered Pieces

Soon to be released:
Veronica’s Diary IV - Angels Among Us (1994-1996) Experiencing the darkest days of her life, Veronica is thankful for the angels along her path, some of who were still exorcising their ghostly past as they strived to earn their wings.

Veronica’s Diary V-The Gift (1996-2003) A stranger follows Veronica into a supermarket and hands her a small piece of pottery, insisting that the gift is meant only for her. She accepts it. Veronica’s rich life experiences as a time traveler have taught her to recognize that her quest for happiness has finally been granted.

The following is an excerpt from Veronica’s Diary – The Journey of Innocence
Spring of 1951.  The Magic Room, as described by Veronica when she was seven years old. Her brothers’ names are José and Max-Leão. 
It was José’s birthday this weekend and Papa and Mama played with us. Papa told us he was going to take us all on a fun trip. The room where Max-Leão and I used to sleep is now empty. We both sleep in what used to be the guestroom. José continues to sleep in our parent’s room in case they have to rush him to the hospital during the night because of an asthma attack. 
Papa made a big secret over our mystery trip. It was going to happen inside the empty room and only one of us could go in at a time, with Papa as the leader and Mama as his assistant. José was the first one to go in with his eyes covered by a scarf. The door closed behind them. Max-Leão and I sat on the hallway floor waiting nervously for our turn. José came out still with his eyes covered and laughing. We were no longer scared. I was next. Mama put the scarf over my eyes and Papa told me I was not allowed to peek, as he held my hand. And into the room we went. It was very windy. 
“Feel the wind blowing?” I heard Papa saying, “It’s a storm!” 
I wondered where the wind could be coming from since it is a room without a window. 
“Yes, yes,” I said a bit skeptical but very happy and excited. 
“Soon, it’s going to start raining,” said Mama, adding, “Feel the rain, on your face?” 
“Yes, yes,” I said once again wondering how the weather elements had got inside of an empty apartment room. “It’s wonderful,” I said, deciding to just enjoy it and go with it.
“Here is an umbrella, hold onto it,” said Papa, as he put an umbrella in my hand. 
“Verónica, put it over your head, it’s raining in the garden.” I heard Mama’s voice.
“The sun just came out, give me the umbrella back.” I heard Papa as he added, “Hold my hand and let’s go up the steps climbing high towards the moon. Be careful. Don’t trip. Wow, you have reached the moon, now jump off, down to earth. It’s okay I’ll catch you.” 
I was a little scared about that, but since it was all imagination nothing could hurt me. I could tell that Papa was holding me in the air. I moved my arms like the wings of a bird, and I had to laugh as I landed softly on the ground. What a trip! I found myself out of the room. 
“Okay, now its Max-Leão’s turn,” and Papa took off the scarf covering my eyes. “You can watch how this is done, if you promise to be very quiet,” he said.
I promised to be good and not to say a word. Once again I entered the magic room. This time my eyes were wide open and looking for answers. The room was empty except for a wooden ladder in the middle of the room. Next to it was our old metal garden water can, Papa’s rusty, green fan and his big black umbrella. I had to smile, I was so happy to find that the mind can create anything with the help of sound, a touch, and the love of my parents. For a few moments, there was magic.
(The Journey of Innocence has twenty illustrations by artist Jamie Westfall Mansilla.)

You can find out more about Veronica at her Web site <http://veronicaesagui.net/>

Thank you, Veronica, for being my guest today!


  1. Veronica, thank you for being my guest today! I'm so delighted that you are spending part of your day with me, my friend!

    1. It was a pleasure to be your first guest. Thank you for making me feel so special on this awsome blog and congratulations!

  2. The series sounds fascinating. I'm going to check it out.

  3. What a wonderful excerpt and interesting life you've led. It's fun to learn more about you, Veronica.

    1. Thank you Patti, for your positive feedback. Please let me know what you think of the book cover for book III, I have had mixed reviews about the "meaning' of it, but also everyone liked it.

  4. This series sounds very interesting. Thanks for the great excerpt.


    1. Thank you Courtney for your positive feedback. Let me know what you think about the book cover for book III, that book is being officially launched in July. Veronica Esagui

  5. Hi, all! My apologies! I should have done a test run with Veronica so she could respond more easily to comments. We'll hopefully have her with us soon!

  6. Dr. Esagui has written a wonderful series that vividly describes not just her own experiences, but she also has a wonderful way of identifying with with her readers.

  7. I would like to once again thank Genene for such an awsome blog and the opportunity to have been her guest. I'll keep passing the work around now that I have figured out how to make a comment. All my love, Veronica Esagui

  8. Once again, my apologies to Veronica for not being able to post to this blog right away. And thanks for your perseverance in getting those replies up!

    You have probably all figured out by now that the mysterious lady "Anonymous" is Dr. Veronica Esagui. A woman of determination, good humor, technical expertise--don't laugh, Veronica--as well as being skilled, talented, and a very good friend.

    I hope you will all check out her books. And I hope my guest bloggers will have a smoother time with this blog now!

  9. Hi Genene I'm so happy to be finally here, as you can see I got in! What an adventure! I want to thank you not just for putting this blog together but also for writing about romance and hope and joy. You are truly the same person that writes, always using your heart in everything you do. Love always, Veronica Esagui

  10. What a great excerpt...I want more. It's on my TBR list now.

    1. Hi, Catherine! I think Veronica has signed off, but I appreciate you stopping by. Will put your lucky name in the contest hat--twice. :)