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Tuesday, June 25, 2013


It seems to me every book labeled a romance these days tries to outdo every other book with how much sex is crammed onto the pages. I'm here to offer you an alternative. 

The heroes of my books are more than an erection. Don't get me wrong--these heroes still outperform the average guy in the bedroom. Dawson and Marly in PICTURE PERFECT LEGACY generate more steam than the ten minutes of hot water in the shower of her pink bathroom. Then there's the creative use of icing when caterer Beth greets her husband wearing only an apron in LIVING THE LEGACY. 

But I digress. When the cops in this family pull out their handcuffs, it's to arrest a bad guy. Their idea of getting dirty is to save citizens buried under timbers and debris after their hometown is blown up. Or to walk into a burning building to rescue a woman trapped inside, as Jeremiah did for Shiloh in LEGACY UNDER FIRE.  

And lest you think the men are the only heroes, just read about Claudia in LEGACY OF ANGELS when she stands up to the beast-man who stole her baby and is trying to kill the man she loves. Or Layla in CHASING THE LEGACY when she foils an attempted rapist and goes under cover to find the real story behind why a legendary cop was killed. 

But enough for today! I don't want to give away all the story lines of the Halo Legacy Series. 

Let's just say these heroes--and heroines--aren't afraid to get dirty, but they don't fight dirty. And once they find the love of their lives, that person is the focus of a courtship that leaves them no choice but to realize happily-ever-after can be as exciting as jumping a motorcycle through a mining dredge. 

Until next time, don't forget to pull the window shades and close the bedroom door! 

[WARNING: There are some open doors in my books. Sometimes even the most noble of heroes and heroines get caught up in the heat of the moment.]

Saturday, June 1, 2013



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