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Saturday, March 24, 2012



Charming. Handsome. Politically ambitious.  

Deputy Dawson Browning, the hero of PICTURE PERFECT LEGACY,  has known Sheriff Reid Weston since adolescence. At a time when Dawson felt the loneliness of being a social outcast, Reid became one of his only friends. 

Together, they got into mischief, discovered girls, and both became lawmen. However, Dawson has concerns that Reid is letting his political ambitions interfere with good law enforcement. 

When integrity counts, on which side of the law will Reid come down?

"Who's the sexy redhead in town?" Sheriff Reid Weston sat in Dawson's chair and examined his buffed nails.
In addition to Reid's disappearing act after the debacle on the prescription drug case, his attitude and reference to Marly O'Shea scraped on Dawson's nerves like spurs on a horse's flanks. "A child welfare worker looking for a birth mother."
"The Midassen case?"
"That's the one."
"Didn't we close that when Swaggerty died in the mine cave-in?"
"It's closed."
"Then get rid of her. I don't want any more trouble before the primaries."
"We need to talk about politics and police work." Dawson leaned against the desk and crossed his booted feet.
"Like it or not, old buddy, they go hand in hand."
"Not when someone could have been killed." 
"We pulled too many pranks as teenagers for me to buy that righteous attitude, Dawson." 
"We're not teenagers any more. Some of the stuff we did was just plain stupid. We were lucky to escape with our backsides intact." 
Reid chuckled. "The good old days. Who would have imagined we'd end up as cops?" 
"We have a responsibility to the people of this county--" 
"Come on, Dawson. Do you believe that crap?" Reid's feet hit the floor as he jerked to a stand and pointed to his chest. "I have a responsibility to myself. Numero uno. Did any of them lend a hand when my old man beat the crap out of me? I drove myself to the hospital more often than not." 
"Bill and Audrey Chambers gave me a home," Dawson said. "Stood up for me." 
"Yeah? Well, you were lucky. I survived because I finally beat my old man at his own game." 
Dawson considered his friend. As close as he thought they had been, Reid sometimes hinted at secrets. Something dark. "Then stick to the politics and let me do the police work." 
"Yeah, yeah. Now, enough of this serious talk." Reid slapped Dawson on the shoulder. "How about a drink before I head home?" 
"Still on duty." 
"Yeah. You've become a straight shooter." Something like regret flickered in Reid's eyes before he walked out the door. 

Excerpt from PICTURE PERFECT LEGACY, copyright Genie Gabriel.

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