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Monday, March 12, 2012


Challenge #1 from Johnny

From the time boys noticed adolescent Marly, her seven brothers seemed to have a sixth sense when she was attracted to a guy. Usually, the Buttinsky Brothers--as Marly called them--could scare off potential boyfriends without saying a word. Just a solid wall of overprotectiveness and dare-me looks. However, Dawson didn't back down. He took on the challenges with enthusiasm and determination.

**As Marly's body melted against Dawson, his mind registered the snick of the lock downstairs being picked. He cursed. "Someone's breaking in. I'll get my gun." 

"Much as the thought appeals to me, it's just one of my brothers." 

"Well, well, little sister, you have found yourself a whole passel of trouble this time." Johnny O'Shea stood on the top step. His normally smiling face surveyed the state of Marly and Dawson's undress with a frown.** 

And so began Dawson's challenges with Marly's seven brothers. Youngest brother, Johnny, wasted no time getting down to the business of protecting Marly's honor, even if she didn't want it protected.

**...Johnny stared at Dawson for a moment, then slugged him.  

The pain from the blow radiated across Dawson's face. Damn, the kid packed a wallop, but he hadn't chosen his defensive position very well. The cocky bastard stood at the top of the stairs. But only momentarily. Dawson hit him low with a tackle that sent them both tumbling down the stairs.  

In the background, Dawson heard Marly shriek--or maybe it was curse.  

Dawson rolled to his feet as soon as they hit the bottom of stairs, only to find Johnny O'Shea had bounced up into a boxer's stance, fists raised to protect and jab. Dawson grinned as a surge of testosterone shimmied through his body. He hadn't beat the hell out of someone for a long time. And Johnny wouldn't be a pushover. It would be a good fight.** 

**Excerpt from PICTURE PERFECT LEGACY, copyright Genie Gabriel

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