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Monday, March 26, 2012


Challenge #3 from Thomas

Not wasting any time, the seven brothers spirit Dawson off to a topless bar, where Thomas has arranged another challenge.

**The lights flashed and drums rolled, calling attention to the pole located in the center of the stage. A whisper of fog rolled up from the floor and curled toward the ceiling. A tiny, elfin woman clad in wispy streamers materialized as a genie from a lamp.  

The woman who had asked to dance for him, Dawson realized. 

Her gaze caught his, smoldered in invitation as her body swayed sinuously closer, closer to the edge of the stage. If Dawson had straightened his arm, he could have touched the silver slipper on her foot. She bent toward him, moving her hands in sensuous invitation. In response to the slight shake of Dawson's head, the woman turned, shook her g-string-clad derriere and strutted toward a more willing customer.  

"She had you marked, Dawson." Collin's comment drew the attention of all the brothers.  

Their hooded gazes waited for a response. Dawson shrugged. "I'm a married man." 

His comment brought loud guffaws and another round of drinks, including one set in front of Dawson that he didn't touch.  

When they left the bar, darkness had claimed the sky. Stars sparkled between clouds outlined in moonlight as they drove to another bar. The brothers claimed a pool table and racked up the balls. With every shot Dawson made, Thomas glared at him and took another deep drink from the bottle on the table.  

After a couple hours, Johnny drifted off with a woman. A short time later, Collin called it a night. "Do you concede, Thomas?" 

Lifting one eye open, Thomas gave a jerky nod.  

"Concede to what?" Dawson asked.  

"The stripper was Thomas' challenge to test your faithfulness to Marly," Collin said.  

"I figured it was a challenge." Dawson allowed half a smug smile. "I just wasn't sure which of you would pick such an obvious one." **

**Excerpt from PICTURE PERFECT LEGACY, copyright Genie Gabriel

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