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Sunday, March 11, 2012


I'm blogging today at the Rogue's Angels' blog, so thought I'd run a recipe similar to one Tallie O'Shea might prepare for her family.

Tallie enjoys cooking. Good thing since she had eight children and a husband with a healthy appetite, as well as many guests who join them for traditional Sunday dinner. So Tallie doesn't save roast turkey for holidays. She fixes it on "regular" Sundays too--one of the ways this extraordinary mom makes every day special. 

The first time we join the O'Shea's for Sunday dinner, Tallie is roasting a turkey and baking apple pie. 

At the risk of sounding egotistical, I never quite understood why many people think roasting a turkey is so difficult. Start with a good turkey, and when the timer pops up, it's done. LOL!

OK, not quite so easy. My mom taught me to cook with a dash of this and a taste of that. So I'm not great with recipes. To make things easier for those who like to follow a recipe, I looked on the Internet for a good roast turkey recipe. 

Appropriately, there's one called "Mom's Roast Turkey" at <http://simplyrecipes.com/recipes/moms_roast_turkey/>. 

I especially like several of this lady's suggestions for roasting a turkey, including:
--Be sure to take the neck and giblets (heart, liver, gizzard) out of the cavity of the turkey before roasting. And don't cook the stuffing inside the turkey as this will increase the cooking time.
--Rub butter or olive oil all over the outside, then sprinkle it with salt and pepper. 
--Cook the turkey breast side down on a rack with a separate pan beneath it to catch the drippings. Saves trying to pour the drippings out of the pan after the turkey is done without either lifting the turkey out or dumping it on the floor. 

She also recommends how to clean up the turkey before roasting and had a lot of other good suggestions, but I'll let you look for yourself if you're in the mood for roast turkey.

Before or after you enjoy your Sunday dinner, I hope you stop by to say hello at the Rogue's Angels' blog!


  1. Tallie or is it Genie is right about cooking the turkey. It's certainly not very hard.

  2. Hi, Chris! Glad it's not just me who doesn't see the mystery in cooking a turkey. Add some potatoes and green beer and it would be a perfect meal for St. Patrick's Day on the 17th!