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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Today, we're visiting a "bigger" city in Oregon. Jacksonville is sited in the southern part of the state and is designated a "National Historic Landmark town." Its population is a bit over 2200--much larger than the tiny fictional town of Halo in my LEGACY series, but could definitely offer pointers on how to make the most of a small town's ambience. 
It's been many years since I visited this wonderful little town, but I still remember falling in love with a Victorian house on the hillside. You can see a photo of it at <http://www.city-data.com/city/Jacksonville-Oregon.html>. It's on the top row of photos, the last one on the right. 
Though only a bit over 2200 in population, this town boasts events that would make larger cities envious. They claim a Chinese New Year's day parade, Britt Music Festival, Historic Jacksonville Trolley Tour. Jacksonville has also developed miles of Woodland Trails with an abundance of wildlife and wild flowers. You can also download and listen to tours online. 
Nearby is Crater Lake, wineries and orchards, Mount Ashland Ski Area, and much more. The Chamber of Commerce Web site <http://www.jacksonvilleoregon.org/> has lots of information on the surrounding area. 
Also of personal interest to me was finding Sanctuary One at Double Oak Farms, a "care farm" that not only rescues abused and neglected farm animals and pets, but works in conjunction with local schools and agencies to give children a farm experience or to help heal individuals with health and mental health issues, and much more. You can find out more about them at <http://www.sanctuaryone.org/about.html>.
So take an online tour of Jacksonville, Oregon, and find out how much there is to do in a small town!


  1. I too love Jacksonville. My father grew up there and lived in a house near the museum. My grandmother is buried in the Jacksonville cemetery. One of my books which has not yet been published is set in this town. So many memories. I logged on to see Veronica's blog but got stuck on Jacksonville.

  2. LOL, Chris! It was our trip to a conference in that area that got me hooked on Jacksonville! What a lot of city packed into a small town!