"If you are looking for a series that keeps you on the edge, wondering what will happen next, wondering how an author created a jaw-dropping, heart-stopping book. Then look no further. Genie has created that with this series." --Bunnies Review

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Since Marly and her siblings have been adults, returning to their adoptive mom's house for Sunday dinner has been a treasured tradition. 

Tallie's is home. Safe. A place for sharing love and truth and major decisions. For reinforcing the bonds forged in childhood. For informal basketball or volleyball games that inevitably descend into laughter and chaos.

If Marly or one of her brothers don't make it home for Sunday dinner, the family feels incomplete. They move forward, as they did when Bernie was killed, but sometimes with a hesitation in their step or a skipped beat of their heart. 

When the O'Shea siblings are home, laughter fills this old farmhouse, celebrating ties forged in love. 

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