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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy release day to my LEGACY series characters!

The O'Shea family and I have spent several years together preparing for this day. I have lived with my characters through explosions and fires, emotional traumas and the discovery of wrenching secrets--as well as marriages, celebrated pregnancies, and the everyday joys of being with family who loves you.

The day has finally arrived to share these experiences and emotions with readers, with the release of the first book, PICTURE PERFECT LEGACY, which can be purchased as an e-book from Rogue Phoenix Press.

The O'Sheas are not strangers to adversity. The eight siblings were adopted by a police officer and his wife who wanted to make up for mistakes they had made in their earlier lives. A boy and a girl were infants when they came to live with Bernie and Tallie. However, the rest of the boys were older, with nightmare memories no child should have to experience. 

Life with Bernie and Tallie came with high expectations, responsibilities, and love--lots of love. As the siblings grew up, their highest aspiration was to be like Bernie and, when he was shot on duty, they became even more determined to continue his legacy of compassionate justice. 

Their search for the truth behind their father's death uncovers old secrets hidden by well-meaning people, where sometimes friend and foe wear the same faces. The path of integrity is shrouded with challenges, doubts, and choices that risk their lives and endanger their loved ones. 

However, simple pleasures and life-time loves also bring joy to their lives. 

So grab your e-reader, settle in to your easy chair, and join the adventure. 

The O'Sheas are people I'd be proud to call my friends, grateful to have as neighbors, and lucky to watch my back when trouble came prowling.

Welcome to Halo!


  1. Congratulations! This sounds like a wonderful series. Yay!

  2. Hi, Su! Thank you for your kind words! I really like these characters and am so pleased to finally share their stories.