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Saturday, May 23, 2015


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(Copyright Genie Gabriel)

Twilight was settling over the landscape as he drove the old pick-up back to the ranch. Too late to catch a train back to his sanctuary, Patrick settled in the barn for the night. Though he doubted he would sleep much, he soon slept soundly.

"I am proud of you, my son." 

Patrick blinked and shaded his eyes from the brilliant glow of the angel's white robe. "You've come back."

"I've always been with you. You didn't want to see me."

Patrick turned his face away. "I'm not worthy..."

"You are of the Source. There is no worthy or not worthy. There simply is."

Patrick fisted a hand and brought it to his chest. "I feel unclean."

"There is no clean or unclean. All life's events are simply to experience and to teach. If they suit you, hold them in joy. If they bring you pain, release them."

"You make it sound so simple."

"And so it is. The human condition so many times complicates your experiences on Earth."

Patrick faced the angel once again. "I want... things... a priest shouldn't want."

"Those are human rules. If they do not suit your spirit, release them."

"You mean I don't have to be a priest?"

The angel smiled. "What suits you?"

"I feel the desire to serve others, but I want pleasure for myself also. I want to receive love, not just give of myself until I feel empty. Hollow."

"There are many ways you can serve others while meeting your own desire for love. Simply be open to those ways."

Thursday, May 21, 2015


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(copyright Genie Gabriel)

Shrouded silence hung over those huddled in Tallie's house, interrupted only by an occasional sniffle or the muffled crying of a child. Claudia simply could not bring herself to do anything more than hunker with her little boy. This is my fault. If I had done as he said or kept running or--

The sound of a vehicle engine drawing closer brought a tensed hush over the crowd, as those with rifles once more became vigilant.

"They're back!"

The engine stopped abruptly and, after a moment, Dawson and Marly entered the house. 

"What happened? Where's Patrick?" Fear beat in Claudia's veins. 

"Swaggerty took off on the motorbike. Patrick went after him."

The buzz of conversation swept through the crowd. 

"You mean he's still out there...somewhere?" Claudia asked…

When Patrick finally returned, exhaustion lined his normally beatific face. Hopeful gazes turned his way and someone asked, "Did you get the man who did this?"

With a deep sigh, Patrick shook his head. "He had too much of a head start, and the little motorbike I was riding just couldn't keep up. Near as I could guess, he was headed for the deep forest." …

Patrick made his way through the crowd to where Claudia sat with Todd. The child had fallen asleep, and Patrick ached to cradle Claudia in his arms as she held the little boy. However, priests simply were not allowed that basic human need. Not for the first time--especially this past year while he had been on sabbatical--the role of priest choked his real desires into silence... 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


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Conflicting emotions pounded in Claudia's chest. Fear she would fail. Hope the start she had made on a new life would continue to grow. A deep yearning to see her child again. "I want a chance to be a good mom to my baby." …

When reunion day arrived, so quickly it took forever, eating and sleeping were foreign notions to Claudia. Hours before it was time for the news conference, she slipped into a pastel, shirt-waist dress with a skirt flowing in graceful fullness to mid-calf. Quite a change from the tight and revealing clothing her mother insisted she wear once her curves developed. Claudia's neatly trimmed hair lay in sedate waves close to her head, and her make-up was reduced to a natural blush, modest lip color, and a light coating of mascara on her eyelashes…

When she spotted him in the arms of the caseworker, tears filled her eyes and love flooded her heart. All the nerves of the past few days faded away, along with the flash of media cameras and their shouted questions. 

Such a beautiful little boy had come out of the ugliness of the past. Could she remain strong? Could she be a good mother to this little guy? 

She reached out her arms and the little boy tucked his head shyly against the caseworker's neck. Claudia swallowed. Was he going to reject her?

Then he peeked at her and wrapped a chubby fist around her finger. As he leaned toward her, noise erupted all around them. 

By the time Claudia realized the crowd wasn't cheering but screaming in fright, Patrick's arm was wrapped securely around her shoulders, sweeping her and the little boy toward his big brown sedan. 

The buildings of Halo exploded around them, shaking the ground as pieces of boards blasted past. Then fires erupted and licked greedily at the shards of debris from the old buildings.

Monday, May 18, 2015


Were the changes in her because of Patrick or because of a new way of thinking about herself? Claudia wondered. Had she used past circumstances to feel sorry for herself and make excuses to avoid changing things she didn't like? Had she run away when life got tough rather than deal with difficult choices?

Claudia didn't sleep well that night, and was mostly silent during their train ride into town the next morning. She wondered if Patrick intentionally chose the task of helping set up play equipment at the homeless shelter to push Claudia into facing her past. But he seemed his usual cheerful self, laughing as the children climbed and chased each other around the new structure.

However, Claudia saw her baby in every young face, wondering if her little boy had toys that gave him great delight. When they returned to the sanctuary that evening, Claudia told Patrick it was time to return to Halo and face the mess she had left behind. Time to make a decision about her baby and face down the man who had sold him to a wealthy couple. 

(from Legacy of Angels, copyright Genie Gabriel)

Sunday, May 17, 2015


For the first time in her life, Claudia felt curiosity about the world of others rather than just concern about keeping herself safe. When Patrick returned, she asked him where he went during the day.

"You can come with me when you're ready." …

Patrick was greeted with respect and, because of his presence, she was also accepted. He seemed to have a mental list of people he checked on. An old rancher who loaned them a battered pickup. The teenaged prostitutes all named "Angel." A homeless shelter where he worked odd jobs. 

(from Legacy of Angels, copyright Genie Gabriel)

Saturday, May 16, 2015



The next day, Claudia looked through the books for all she could find about forgiveness. Yet it troubled her she couldn't let go of the hatred and especially the fear of those who had abused and betrayed her.

When Patrick returned, she asked him what she was doing wrong. 

"Nothing," Patrick said.

"But I want to hold on to the hatred."

"The need for survival is very strong in our physical bodies. Forgiveness doesn't mean you have to tolerate more abuse. It means simply releasing the experience so it no longer controls you. The abuser may choose to heal or not on this physical plane, but you have every right to protect yourself."

Claudia nodded thoughtfully. "Will you help me?"

Patrick inclined his head in agreement. "May I put my hand on your head?"

However, as he touched Claudia, heat sizzled in his hand. Forgive me, Father...

He snatched his hand away and took a step back. Unaware of his reaction, Claudia sat quietly with her eyes closed. The words that came to him were not the repetitive prayers drilled into him in seminary, but the quiet meditation found in one of the books in his sanctuary. 

"As the rain falls on the earth, let my body be cleansed. As the wind blows away the clouds, let my heart find peace. As the sun rises on the horizon, let my soul shine with its warmth. Amen."

Claudia took a deep breath, opened her eyes and smiled at him. "Thank you."

The look in her eyes touched Patrick's soul, nudging away the darkness that had haunted him for many years. Long after she rolled herself in a blanket and fell asleep, Patrick sat staring into the fire. Something stirred in his heart he hadn't felt for a very long time. 

Claudia had asked for his help. Yet in her trust, Patrick found his own hope. Was it possible his unknown wound was healing? Could he find the light again without knowing what caused the darkness?

(Excerpt from Legacy of Angels, copyright Genie Gabriel)

Friday, May 15, 2015


"You're a priest?" she asked.

Again, Patrick nodded.

"But you're not --" Like him. "You don't wear--" Claudia's hand hovered near her throat.

"The collar?" Patrick prompted. "I'm on sabbatical."

That didn't allay Claudia's fears. Priests did...things--things they weren't supposed to. Things that hurt people. 

Yet she hadn't seen Patrick hurt anyone. In fact, he was kinder than any man she had known. Her mind struggled to assimilate what she knew of priests with what she knew of Patrick. The two impressions were so opposite she simply couldn't merge them into one picture. 

(from Legacy of Angels, copyright Genie Gabriel)