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Sunday, November 18, 2012


THOUGH TALLIE'S CHILDREN ARE GROWN NOW, they still come back to Tallie's house for Sunday dinner when they can. As birth relatives show up in the lives of the O'Shea siblings, this tradition extends to others, though perhaps not always pleasantly..

Tallie sat in front of her vanity mirror and adjusted the pearl earrings Bernie had given her on Mother's Day many years ago. 

"The symbol of feminine wisdom," he said as she opened the velvet box. 

She had worn them every Mother's Day since.

In the time they were married, Bernie insisted the kids clean up, dress in their best and do something special for Tallie on Mother's Day. Their "something special" had changed over the years, but her children continued this practice even after Bernie was gone. 

With the major changes in the O'Shea family and in Halo over the last few months, all the mothers in Halo had been invited to share this special day. And, of course, those still staying at Tallie's house were part of the celebration. 

As was their custom, her children kept their plans a secret, moving about the house with mysterious smiles and whispered conversations. Tallie enjoyed their delight in this tradition and let them take over her kitchen. Her tasks for the day were cutting and arranging fresh flowers for the entryway and tables, and taking photos to add to their memory books. 

However, her joy seriously dimmed when Portia Stratford arrived with Pierce, looked down her nose, and commented, "I would have rather gone to Paris." 

Though she shouldn't have been surprised by the woman's rudeness, Tallie was still stunned into silence, as were the normally boisterous siblings. 

"Isn't there a ghost town called Paris up the mountain where we can dump her?" Ruby muttered. 

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