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Monday, November 12, 2012

MONDAY MYSTERY: Why the secrecy about Marly's birth?

ON MONDAYS IN NOVEMBER, I'll be posting a Monday Mystery revealed in CHALLENGING THE LEGACY. Here's today's mystery.

The O'Shea siblings knew they were adopted--except Marly, the only girl. 

** "You're not Bernie." Collin blew out a breath as his shoulders slumped. "None of us are. We're all just kids he saved from the streets. Even you." 

"I wasn't a street kid." Marly stared at Collin for a moment, then she turned toward Tallie. "Mom?" 

Stunned, Tallie simply stared back, as the world she had built over the last twenty-eight years began crumbling beneath her feet. How did Collin know? 

"You mean I'm not..." Marly stared a moment longer at Tallie, then turned and fled. The door creaked mournfully behind her, a split-second before the blustery March wind snatched it closed with a thump of finality. Muting the sound of Dawson entering the front door. 

The other brothers shifted away from Collin, visibly shaken by the revelation. Then their attention and questions barraged Tallie like condemning stones being thrown at an outcast. 

"Why didn't you tell her?" 

"We're all adopted. What would it have mattered?" 

**Excerpt from CHALLENGING THE LEGACY, copyright Genene Valleau,  writing as Genie Gabriel.

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