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Monday, November 5, 2012

MONDAY MYSTERY: Who shot Bernie?

ON MONDAYS IN NOVEMBER, I'll be posting a Monday Mystery revealed in CHALLENGING THE LEGACY. Here's today's mystery.

Bernie O'Shea was gunned down while on duty. Though ruled a tragic accident, his widow always wondered...

**As Beth and her bridesmaids left to go shopping, the group of grandmas and kids stormed the attic. When Tallie pushed open the door, Bernie's voice whispered in her mind, "Look for the letter...if something happens to me, look for the letter." 

Tallie stopped abruptly. 

"What's wrong, Nana Tallie?" Rochelle's daughter, Ariel, peeked around Tallie. "Are there monsters up here?" 

With forced cheerfulness, Tallie replied, "Just dust and a few spiders. You're not afraid of spiders, are you?" 

With a slight frown, Ariel said, "I don't think so." 

"The musical instruments are on the shelves to the right." 

Ariel hurried toward the instruments, with Todd running after her in his awkward toddler gait. 

"Is something wrong?" Della asked. 

Tallie kept her smile firmly in place as she responded to Ariel's grandmother. "Just remembering something Bernie said." 

"Did the cops ever catch the guy who shot him?" Ruby asked quietly. 

Tallie shook her head. 

"Damn shame. Bernie was a good man." 

**Excerpt from CHALLENGING THE LEGACY, copyright Genene Valleau,  writing as Genie Gabriel.

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