"If you are looking for a series that keeps you on the edge, wondering what will happen next, wondering how an author created a jaw-dropping, heart-stopping book. Then look no further. Genie has created that with this series." --Bunnies Review

Sunday, November 11, 2012


THOUGH TALLIE'S CHILDREN ARE GROWN NOW, they still come back to Tallie's house for Sunday dinner when they can. As birth relatives show up in the lives of the O'Shea siblings, this tradition extends to others, such as Marly's biological father.

Dinner passed with the usual good-natured conversation between the family and their guests, until Marly commented that Pierce's eye was turning purple and asked what happened. 

Silence fell among the O'Shea brothers and Tallie put on her stern mother look as her gaze traveled from one brother to another to another. "Don't start." 

Pierce realized he had stumbled onto an inside family story and pushed for details. Marly cheerfully told him the challenges her brothers issued to Dawson, who just sat back and smiled. 

When Marly was through with the telling; Pierce nodded thoughtfully. "Well, I'm just a city slicker, so maybe you'll go easy on me." 

Then he met the gaze of each brother in turn. "I plan to be around, so maybe we can draw up a challenge contract. You tell me what your challenge is and give me a specific length of time to meet it. Or is ambush more your style?" 

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