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Thursday, November 15, 2012


I haven't done an author update on my blog for awhile, so thought I'd do that today. 

I finished book #7 of the Halo Legacy Series, SHADOW OF THE LEGACY, on Monday and sent it to my publisher. Hooray! 

One of the benefits of doing a series is that the characters, events, and what needs to happen next are still fresh in my mind. So I jumped right into book #8. This will be an action-packed book where many of the mysteries only partially resolved in previous books come to the fore again with more surprising twists. I'm very excited about this book!

In the meantime, I'm promoting earlier books, specifically CHALLENGING THE LEGACY, which is Tallie's story. She's pretty much a mom of the year every day, but she's forced to confront dark secrets from her past and resolve those. Tallie and the others in this book definitely had some surprises for me when I was writing this book. 

It's available at Rogue Phoenix Press and most other e-book retailers. Hope you pick it up and enjoy it!

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