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Saturday, November 24, 2012


My wonderful publisher, Rogue Phoenix Press, has pulled together two great offers for readers to get a taste of small town Halo. Not only has THE BODYGUARD been described as "a feel good Christmas story," it introduces the fictional town of Halo, Oregon, where my Legacy Series is set. 

--SPECIAL HOLIDAY PRICING! THE BODYGUARD and all the Rock'n'Romance trilogy--THE ROCK STAR and THE LEADER OF THE BAND are the other books--are specially priced at 99 cents through December 31.

--FREE BOOK MONDAYS! On every Monday between now and Christmas--Nov. 26, Dec. 3, Dec. 10, Dec. 17, Dec. 24--THE BODYGUARD will be free on Amazon.com!)

A holiday gift from me and Rogue Phoenix Press!

Hope you enjoy this cliffhanger from THE BODYGUARD (also posted on Rogue's Angels blog). 

**Cayle looped the rope around his waist and knotted it. "I figure we’ve got about an hour before the storm hits full force. We’ll cover as much ground as we can, but it’s going to be slow going into the wind. Stryker will stay close to the trees for shelter, so that’s what we’ll do. We may get lucky and stumble onto his hideaway. When we can’t go any further, we’ll dig in and ride out the blizzard. Ready?"

Julia pulled the ski mask over her face and buttoned the top button of her fleece-lined coat. Mitch’s gloved hand clasped hers and for a moment their gazes collided. She drank in his strength and courage and determination. Then Cayle’s hand slipped under her arm and they stepped into the face of the storm.

**Excerpt from THE BODYGUARD, copyright Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel.

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