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Wednesday, November 14, 2012



Harvest festivities scheduled for October 31 took an unexpected turn when an explosion occurred on the outskirts of Halo. To tourists in town for the celebration, this seemed like part of the show. Here's what tourists thought they saw:

Pierce Stratford slipped behind the livery stable and paused to catch his breath. The crowd waiting for the wedding ceremony watched the action with nods of excitement and exclamations of how realistic the show seemed. 

However, Pierce wasn't looking for awed tourists. His focus was finding a person who knew the explosion wasn't part of the planned event. 

Like the man nervously glancing over his shoulder.

Pierce stepped into the street and called him out, gambling on the crowd to play their part. "You in the yellow bandanna. Put your hands on your head and turn around real slow." 

On cue, the crowd stepped back, leaving Mr. Nervous standing in the middle of a circle of eager onlookers. 

The guy proved he was a complete greenhorn by making a run for it. The crowd moved aside as the sound of horses hooves thundered through the street. Mr. Nervous tried to outrun the lasso that sailed through the air and jerked him to an abrupt stop. 

Before he hit the ground, one of the O'Shea brothers was beside him, trussing him up like a calf in a rodeo. 

The crowd went wild with hoots and applause. 

In reality, the explosion on the outskirts of town could have had tragic consequences. Fortunately, only one person received minor injuries. Two local men were arrested and charged with attempted murder in relation to this explosion.

In true pioneer fashion, Halo's townspeople concluded the festivities with a planned wedding ceremony. 

Along with a number of couples renewing their vows, NY businessman Pierce Stratford wed Ruby Solomon, sometime Halo resident. This cemented their relationship as the biological parents of local woman, Marly O'Shea. 

Our resident ghost, Miss Stella, celebrated the marriage by whisking the hat off the mother of the groom and looping it jauntily on the chandelier in the ballroom of Waring House. The house was built by Miss Stella's long dead husband over one hundred years ago.

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