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Saturday, November 17, 2012


Born into a middle-class family, Portia married the Stratford money and name. While her husband flaunted his relationship with a long-term mistress who bore him a son, Portia clung to her wealthy status with a stern fist. Here are impressions of Portia from several points of view in CHALLENGING THE LEGACY.

"A Stratford doesn't make their own choices. Their lives are determined by what is best for the family." 

--Portia Stratford in CHALLENGING THE LEGACY

Ironically, while his father's willpower weakened and he spent more time with his mistress, Pierce grew closer to Portia. Well, as close as the stern woman would allow. By the time he had become a young adult, they had forged an agreement that suited them both. Portia had the son she had never borne, and Pierce had the respectability of being a legitimate heir to the Stratford name. 

That arrangement had worked well for many years. 

Now Pierce wanted more, but he still felt bound by the unspoken agreement with Portia. He was gaining some perspective of the conflict between desire and responsibility his father must have felt. 

--Pierce Stratford in CHALLENGING THE LEGACY


As the Halo townspeople began leaving Tallie's house to stay with friends and relatives, Portia Stratford arrived. The past thirty-some years had carved harsh lines in her face, setting in place the disdainful look that used to be tempered by an occasional smug smile...

Ruby laughed, though it sounded weak. "But I'm a grateful bitch. Portia Stratford is just cold. You're important to the two people who matter most in her life: her son and Marly. She'll destroy you if she can to keep you away from them." 

A chill swept down Tallie's spine. "You've been watching too many melodramas on TV." 

Ruby grasped Tallie's arm. "That one is poisonous, Tallie. Watch your back." 

Tallie met Ruby's gaze for a moment and, though she didn't want to admit it, knew Ruby spoke the truth.

--Conversation between Tallie O'Shea and Ruby Solomon in CHALLENGING THE LEGACY


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