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Tuesday, November 10, 2015


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Jenny sat in her new office--another empty building her realtor friend had listed for lease. This brick building in Old Town had more character that the previous one. The spirit of long-ago miners, bankers, and dance hall girls mingled with the tourists and citizens walking the sidewalks, painting fanciful images in Jenny's head when she wheeled outside for her daily jaunts. She missed Thomas and occasionally thought perhaps she should have left a message where he could find her. 

Then she shook her head. He had gone home where he belonged. Like she had urged him to do. He was a handsome man in spite of his nearly perpetual frown. But there were times when a smile almost broke through and made her heart speed up. 

Then she jerked herself back to reality. Why would a man as physical as Thomas O'Shea even look twice at someone whose world was confined to where she could go in a wheelchair? 

…Yet Jenny couldn't stop a spurt of pleasure when she checked her e-mail and found a message from Thomas saying, "Where are you?" 

Blunt and less than tactful, like the man himself. 

Should she reply? On some level, Jenny knew everything would change if she did. She would be inviting him into her life. Disrupting her carefully designed martyrdom and opening her heart to hurt. 

Against her better judgment, Jenny sent a terse reply. "In my office." 

"Haha. Give me a clue where." The message from Thomas zinged almost instantly back across cyberspace. 

The long suppressed imp in Jenny did just that. Provided a sketchy clue where her new office was located. 

After several more brief messages back and forth, Jenny heard the locked front door snick open. She slowly turned in her wheelchair to confront Thomas. Clad in full leathers with a scowl on his face, Jenny thought a man had never looked so good. 

(Excerpt from Legacy of Truth, copyright Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel)
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