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Thursday, November 19, 2015



Thomas drove the van away from the sanctuary for several miles, unloaded his motorcycle, then rolled the van to the edge of a ravine and watched it tumble end over end. The explosives Grady had rigged blew up before the vehicle reached the bottom, blasting pieces into the canyon in a fiery finale. 

Assured few people would even find the van, let alone put together enough pieces to connect it with the Graingers, Thomas mounted his motorcycle and headed back toward Halo. 

The late night darkness with few other vehicles on the road besides trucks made for a smooth ride most of the way back. Then, a few miles before the Halo turnoff, Thomas noticed headlights in his rearview mirror, approaching faster than normal freeway speeds. 

Thomas passed an eighteen-wheeler and pulled back into the right-hand lane. Instead of driving on past him, the vehicle cut in behind. As Thomas sped up, the other vehicle matched his speed, then drew closer. 

With another truck between him and the Halo exit, Thomas decided he had one chance to avoid being run over--play chicken with the truck. 

He passed the eighteen-wheeler and cut back into the far right lane, killing his headlight and pulling onto the paved shoulder, dropping back along side the truck and matching its speed. Any sudden gust of wind would have swept him under the truck's wheels. Any unexpected move by the trucker could have crushed him. It was that or face certain death at the hands of the guy who was determined to run him off the road. 

Praying his luck would hold, Thomas stayed beside the truck--figuring the driver couldn't see him either--until the Halo exit. Then he cut off sharply and rode cross-country. He knew this area. He could more easily evade a tail. And hopefully the guy wouldn't see him until too late to catch up. 

(Excerpt from Legacy of Truth, copyright Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel)
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