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Friday, November 6, 2015


Legacy of Truth specially priced at only 99 cents!

The Wizard earned her reputation for leaving no Web link unturned when looking for biological family members of clients who had been adopted as children. Her success rate attested to that fact. 

However, being so emotionally connected to the success of her client's searches also took their toll on Jenny, mentally and physically. On this sunny April morning, she needed the fresh air of the park. Her computer had been claiming too much of her time lately, and she ached with the confinement. 

She pushed her wheelchair along the curving cement sidewalk under a canopy of trees to a place where she could look out over the water. 

The hurried sound of approaching footsteps warned Jenny she wasn't alone. She turned her head and saw two men approaching. The one in the lead wore a red jogging suit. A man in black leather strode a short distance behind. 

Her heart rate accelerated. Silly, of course, since a taser was strapped to her armrest and the extended foot rests on her wheelchair made a fine battering ram. 

Besides, they might just be out for exercise. At least one of them. 

Mr. I-look-good-in-leather seemed to be looking for something or someone. And it probably involved trouble. 

(Excerpt from Legacy of Truth, copyright Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel)

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