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Tuesday, November 24, 2015



"Whoa," Thomas said as he turned the armored vehicle into the circular driveway in front of Waring House. "Cops on the porch." 

"The question is, good guys or not," Collin stated. 

"I'll sneak through the basement window and up the secret passages," Grady said. "See if there are any others inside the house." 

"Have we had any communication with Natalie recently?" 

"Come to think of it, no," Jenny answered. 

"Then my guess is these guys are not on our side," Collin said. "Johnny, you go with Grady. Get Charlie and the kid into the basement. We're going to ram the porch and throw a net over these guys. I want them alive. If they are good guys, we'll apologize. 

"Jer and Doc Shiloh, this sardine can could become a death trap. I'd suggest you slip out the back and hide where you can provide backup. Jenny, you go with them." 

"Thomas and I ride together. I can provide cover from in here if they start shooting." 

"You're sure? Because we're out of time. They're moving in this direction." 

"I'm sure." 

"Alright. Let's roll in. Nice steady pace until it's too late for them to know we're going to knock that porch out from under them." 

As Thomas started the armored vehicle toward the house, the cops stopped at the edge of the porch. They watched carefully, making an occasional comment to each other. Their wariness turned to consternation as the vehicle gained speed. When Charlie and the boy dropped from sight through the trap door, Thomas stomped the gas and rammed into the porch. 

(Excerpt from Legacy of Truth, copyright Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel)
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