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Thursday, November 12, 2015


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"Have you read this story?" Jenny tapped her finger on the front page of the newspaper. 

Oh, yeah, he had read it. However, Thomas read the story again, more slowly this time. It was printed under the byline of his brother Grady's girlfriend, claiming to have a letter in which Bernie confessed he killed a woman. He waited for the satisfaction of knowing he was right about Bernie. Oh, there was a flash of justification at first, then the realization of how difficult this would be for Tallie and his siblings. 

After a call from his brother, Thomas faced a different dilemma. Johnny wanted him to come home and clear Bernie's name, but he couldn't. If he revealed what he saw that night, it would only condemn Bernie further. 

So Thomas hid like a coward in Jenny's office, and refused to answer any more calls from his family. He knew that wouldn't stop Johnny from finding him, but perhaps it would give Thomas a few days to come up with a convincing lie. 
However, the snick of the lock being picked and footsteps echoing in the empty building gave Thomas scant notice his brother had discovered him. 

"Hello? Is anyone here?" 

Soon enough Johnny appeared at the back of the building. He stepped between the carpeted partitions that surrounded Jenny's desk and the armchair in which Thomas sat. 

"So you found me." Thomas rose slowly from the armchair, glad to see his brother but still not sure what story he would tell. 

Johnny scowled and punched him, the force of the blow knocking Thomas back down into the chair. "That's for wasting my time looking for you." 

Rubbing his jaw, Thomas said, "I'm glad to see you too." 

"We've got a helluva mess and you can help straighten it out. Why are you hiding out like a yellow-bellied sapsucker?" 

A question Thomas had asked himself many times. With a deep breath, he stood. "I can't help." 

"You can tell people how much Bernie helped you. You can say how you don't believe Bernie would kill a woman." 

Thomas shook his head and turned away. "No, I can't." 

Johnny grabbed his arm and forced him to turn around. "You can't or you won't?" 

"I'm a lousy liar, and that won't help Bernie's reputation." 

(Excerpt from Legacy of Truth, copyright Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel)
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