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Sunday, November 15, 2015


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Excitement whirled in Jenny's belly. Kingston SanRegis insisted everyone who would be staying go through basic training with weapons, self-defense, and a communications system so they could all stay in contact. However, their limited time to prepare meant they would have to pick up most of their skills as the plan played out. 

Jenny was also amazed at the change in Thomas. Skills with weapons he had acquired growing up with a policeman father were sharpened, and his renegade personality of questioning any bureaucracy allowed him to come up with ingenuous solutions to problems. 

The thought she could have been an undercover spy brought a silent chuckle. The idea of hiding out in boarded up buildings and bringing the bad guys to their knees appealed to her desire to see justice done and sounded like a grand adventure. 

(Excerpt from Legacy of Truth, copyright Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel)
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