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Friday, May 4, 2012


Two tarnished angels join forces to protect a child from a beast-man's savage vengeance…

Patrick stepped into the pale light of the moon. Swaggerty was indeed as damaged as Claudia had described. One side of his face sagged in folds of scarred flesh to melt into his neck and, even from several yards away, Patrick could see the talon-like fingers of one hand wrapped around the wood of the club. 

"Ah, it's the preacher man who consorts with whores." Swaggerty yanked on a rope he held in the other hand and pulled Claudia forward so the moonlight shone on her frightened features. 

Fear for Claudia shafted through Patrick as he stepped forward. If he knocked Swaggerty down, the noose around her neck would jerk. Still, he could gain some advantage. With a quick few steps forward and a sharp roundhouse kick, the club flew through the air, landing with a thunk beyond the fire stones.

With a hearty curse, Swaggerty rubbed his wrist, yanking the rope around Claudia's neck in the process. "So you're not just a simple priest."

**Excerpt from LEGACY OF ANGELS, copyright Genie Gabriel aka Genene Valleau

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