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Sunday, May 20, 2012


Sunday dinner at Tallie's can bring major changes in the O'Shea family, such as this announcement from Patrick:

At a Sunday dinner, Patrick rose and simply stood by his chair. Silence gradually replaced conversation as all gazes turned toward him, and he began to speak.

"I've made a decision and perhaps could bore you all with flowery phrases outlining my reasons. However, I think something this important is better said in plain words." Patrick paused and looked around the table. "I've decided to leave the priesthood."

Those few words spun not only Patrick's life in a new direction, but affected the entire family, as readers will see in future books of the LEGACY series.


  1. That IS a major life change, isn't it??

  2. LOL, Catherine! All the characters in my LEGACY books will go through major changes. Perhaps not as dramatic and all at once, but there are definitely life choice to make. :)

    Thanks for stopping by!