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Sunday, May 13, 2012


Happy Mother's Day! In my LEGACY series, Tallie O'Shea is the mother of eight adopted children. In the time they were married, Bernie insisted all the kids clean up, dress in their best and do something special for Tallie. Their "something special" had changed over the years, but not Bernie's insistence on Mother's Day being a day to show gratitude for all Tallie did every day. Since Bernie had been gone, her children continued this practice.

In this first Mother's Day after the LEGACY series begins, Claudia--the heroine of LEGACY OF ANGELS--is also celebrating her first Mother's Day with her son, the stolen baby at the center of a controversy that led to Claudia's attack by a beast-man. Vowing revenge against all he feels have wronged him, the beast-man blows up the town of Halo. Although Claudia is delighted to have her son back, she is swamped with guilt that an entire town was destroyed because of her and her son, and vows to make it up to the citizens of Halo.

I hope you join Claudia on her journey to courage.

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