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Friday, May 25, 2012


I've probably said it before, but one more time-- my LEGACY series is my life!

Book #1--PICTURE PERFECT LEGACY--was released March 1.
Book #2--LEGACY OF ANGELS--was released May 1 and I'm promoting this book, which includes a virtual blog tour and contest, as well as a number of online ads.
Book #3--LIVING THE LEGACY--will be released July 1. I finished line edits for this book last week and am setting up promotion for it.
Book #4--CHASING THE LEGACY--is scheduled for release on September 1, and I should have the manuscript back from my publisher in the next couple days to make copy edits. I also tweaked the cover for this book to better reflect the action/adventure tone.
Book #5--CHALLENGING THE LEGACY--is scheduled for release on November 1. I just sent this to a beta reader on Sunday, which means it's pretty close to ready to send to my publisher. I should finish the cover for this book sometime this week.

Then I'll start edits to Book #6, and I'm asking for your help in naming this book. I confessed in a guest blog post that I waffle on titles to my books. I think I have the perfect title, then find something I like better. Most of the time I go through six or eight titles before settling on The One.

Some parameters for this title:
--It has to have the word, "LEGACY," in it.
--The hero is a firefighter/EMT and the heroine is a burn victim, so I want another word in the title like fire, flame, burning, etc.
--I love titles with more than one meaning. This story will be a romance, so that will fit well with flame-related words. Also, the series is coming to a "big reveal" moment that will spin the legacy of the O'Shea family in a new direction and cause much conflict. So the title can also hint at that.

I'll make the choice of a title (with my publisher's approval, of course) based on what catches my fancy at the moment. Yes, this is totally subjective! LOL!

If I decide on a title no one submits, I'll toss everyone's name on a hat and draw for the prize. What's the prize? Perhaps a selection of candles? I'll go shopping soon. If I can't find the "perfect" prize, there's always a gift card! Can you tell I'm in the brainstorming stage where anything is a possibility? And I'll send you a free download of the e-book when it's released in January 2013.

Please send me your suggestions by Sunday, June 10.

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