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Saturday, May 5, 2012


"Go." Todd pointed to the door...

"Not right now, sweetie." Claudia picked him up. He arched backward and shrieked, nearly launching himself out of her arms. "Easy, little one. Are you hungry?"

Todd shrieked louder.

Claudia jiggled him in her arms, trying to calm him with soothing words. He began to flail his arms so wildly Claudia feared she would drop him.

"Any suggestions?" she asked over his screams.

Patrick swung the child up in his arms and swooped him around the room like an airplane. The child fell silent, staring with fascination at the man who held him. "Let's fly to the train station."

Curious, Claudia followed Patrick. The family room downstairs still held boxes that had contained personal care kits distributed to people who had been evacuated from Halo last night.

Patrick lined up several boxes on the floor and set Todd in the first one. Then he plopped a cap on the child's head. "This is your train, young man, and you are the engineer. Choo-choo!"

Todd smiled with delight as he echoed, "Choo-choo!"

**Excerpt from LEGACY OF ANGELS, copyright Genie Gabriel, aka Genene Valleau

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