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Sunday, August 23, 2015


Book 5 of the Halo Legacy Series
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October 31 dawned clear and crisp. The thermometer had dipped below freezing the night before, so a shimmer of sparkling white-jeweled frost covered everything in Halo. 

Most of the townspeople showed up at Beth's café in the beautifully restored Waring house to enjoy a traditional harvest breakfast that launched a day-long celebration of Marly and Dawson's wedding. 

...Several hours later, the wedding parties met on the outskirts of town to start the procession to the ceremony itself. The women moved from cars to horse-drawn carriages, while the men unloaded horses from trailers to ride into town.

The bride was being assisted into her private carriage when an explosion rocked the nearest horse trailer. 

For a terrified moment, the wedding parties froze. Then pandemonium erupted. Weapons appeared from boots and holsters tucked under jackets as the O'Shea brothers leaped into action. Dawson, CJ, Thomas, and Grady calmed the frightened horses, then rode full gallop to encircle the area where the blast occurred. The rest of the men hustled the women and children into the vans--maybe the least dangerous place to be when little offered safety from explosions. Rocks could be blown into piercing arrowheads. Abandoned buildings could become flying spears with enough momentum to skewer a person. The vehicles could be blasted to shrapnel as they tried to drive away. But they might at least get out of harm's way until whoever set off the explosion was out of commission. 

"I think there's an accomplice. I'm going after him." Pierce's strong grip under Tallie's arm surprised her. 

As their gazes met for a split second, the noise ceased and the chaos disappeared. Tallie felt only the frantic beating of her heart and the velvet over steel smoothness where she clutched Pierce's forearm. 

Then Pierce winked, breaking the moment when time stopped. "I'll meet you at the church." 

(Excerpt from Challenging the Legacy copyright Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel.)

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