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Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Book 5 of the Halo Legacy Series
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Tallie genuinely grieved Ruby's passing. In the few months Ruby had been at her house, Tallie had moved from resenting the woman and fearing she would take away Marly to admiring her courage and her sense of honor, however late in coming. 

Unfortunately, Portia Stratford seemed to have conveniently forgotten she had disowned Pierce, and wasted no time in expressing her relief Ruby had passed. Portia swept down on Tallie's house shortly after Ruby's funeral, showing up at the traditional O'Shea Sunday dinner. 

"Well, I assume there will be some positive changes around here now that woman is gone, and perhaps Marly will have more time to take on her rightful duties as the Stratford heir." 

Tallie stared at Portia for a moment before she spoke. "I believe there should be some positive changes in a way that would make Ruby proud." 

She stood at the head of the table and cleared her throat to gain the attention of her children and all those in attendance. "I have a confession to make, and apologies to make as well." 
Tallie had to admire Pierce for his handling of her confession and for staying in Halo after his mother's latest display of snobbery. He truly was separating himself from Portia and making his own decisions. 

When her household grew quiet for the night, Tallie took the opportunity to sit by the fireplace with cup of tea. She was tired. A relieved tired that perhaps the secrets of her past would no longer haunt her. 

"May I join you?" At her nod, Pierce sat down beside Tallie. 

"I am truly sorry--" 

Pierce held up his hand. "Apology accepted. I forgive you--except for a small dent in my pride. And I hope this clears the way for us to build a relationship." 

Tallie turned back toward the fire and smiled. "All that in one day?" 

"I've learned the O'Sheas do things big. I figure if I want to stick around, I'll have to do things big too." 
"A chance, Tallie. Will you give us a chance?" 

Tallie looked into Pierce's eyes, shining with sincerity and hope. This was a side of him she had never seen. Could she love again? After Bernie died, Tallie thought her heart would never want another man. Especially not this man. And yet...hope fluttered with soft butterfly wings in her chest. Could they build a relationship? Was Ruby right it was never too late? 

She would never know if she didn't step into that possibility.

(Excerpt from Challenging the Legacy copyright Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel.)

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