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Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Book 5 of the Halo Legacy Series
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"We have tourists and townspeople getting restless. We need a wedding." Audrey looked at those crowded into the basement. "Who wants to get married?" 

As Audrey looked at each person in the group, an idea formed in Tallie's mind. "Ruby, how about you?" 

Ruby snorted as her mouth twisted wistfully ."No man wanted to marry me when I was young. Who would want a dying old woman?" 

"Maybe Pierce," Tallie said. As Pierce's confused gaze bored into Tallie's, she continued. "Why wait until we're dying to make amends? I haven't always treated you with the respect I should have given the woman who entrusted me with one of the greatest treasures in my life." 

A flash of understanding registered in Pierce's eyes. "Nor did I. I used you, then made it impossible for you to tell me I had a daughter. I'd also like a chance to make amends." 

"Humphf. You're both acting like martyrs." 

"Goes right along with being a saint," Tallie said. 

"You and Pierce are supposed to get a second chance...I'm trying to fix things, not make them worse." 

"Give us a chance to fix things too," Pierce said. 

"It would make Portia livid." Tallie almost smirked at the thought.

(Excerpt from Challenging the Legacy copyright Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel.)

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