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Monday, August 10, 2015


Book 5 of the Halo Legacy Series

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"Where's my granddaughter?" Portia demanded. 

Magically, Marly appeared and draped her arm over Tallie's shoulders. She surveyed Portia with the same critical eye Portia had directed around Tallie's house. "I'm Marly O'Shea." 

"It will be easy enough to change your name to Stratford, give you a little polish, and bring you into the family business." 
Marly looked deliberately behind her. To the right and left. And above. "Who are you talking to?" 

Portia forced a laugh. "Amusing, dear. You'll of course take your rightful place in our household." 

"Mrs. Stratford--" 

"You may address me as 'grandmother'." 

"Mrs. Stratford, I don't respond well to being ordered to do something. Our town just blew up and we are a bit busy literally picking up the pieces. If you're going to be in the area a few days, please leave the phone number of your hotel and I'll give you a call to go to dinner. If you can't stay, I'm sure Pierce has your contact information and I'll get in touch." 
Then Marly turned to Tallie. "I'm going to take Dawson something to eat, and try to get him to go home to rest for a bit. Call if you need anything." 

With a kiss on the cheek for Tallie, Marly nodded to Portia, smiled at Pierce, and left. 

"The girl obviously needs to brush up on her manners," Portia stated. 

"I thought she told you to go to hell quite nicely." Ruby appeared in the doorway, leaning on a cane for support. "Too bad the years haven't softened more than your jawline, Portia." 
Tallie jerked awake, breathing hard. She pushed herself to sit up as fragments of memories warped into dreamlike horror shifted and swirled around her, trying to pull her back into its nightmarish clutches. Tallie reached for the picture of Bernie that sat on the nightstand. She focused on his smiling face, seeking the sense of safety she always felt in his arms. 

Instead, a shiver inched up her spine. Bernie was gone and so was her security. 

(Excerpt from Challenging the Legacy, copyright Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel)

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