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Friday, July 17, 2015


Layla & Grady from
Chasing the Legacy

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Grady stood on the sidewalk looking at the Waring House. He had always loved this house, right down to the ghost of Miss Stella who had sat in the turret for a hundred and fifty years waiting for her husband to return. His crush on Layla since high school didn't seem so long compared to Miss Stella's vigil. 

When they arrived on the second floor, Layla opened the double doors to the grand ballroom with a flourish. 

"Miss Stella and her husband used to dance in this room. All by themselves, sweeping and swooping around the entire room to music only the two of them could hear--" Layla stopped abruptly. Laughed self-consciously. "At least, that's how the story goes." 

The curtains at the windows fluttered, and a soft sighing like the muted music of an orchestra drifted around the room. 

"If Miss Stella says it happened that way, I believe her," Grady said. 

Layla looked at Grady for a moment. "You see her too?" 

"Doesn't everyone?" 

Slowly, Layla shook her head. "Most people think I'm crazy when I talk about Miss Stella." 

"Most people don't see beyond their own lives." 

"What are the other rooms on this floor?" Grady followed more slowly and glanced into the open door of a room tucked into one of the turrets. 

"Just...old stuff." Layla slipped between him and her old bedroom, deftly closing the door on the private world of her childhood. 

Unfortunately for her peace of mind, that left Layla standing with her back to the door, facing Grady. Up close. 

"Why did you leave town and not come back for so long?" 

(Excerpt copyright Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel.)

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