"If you are looking for a series that keeps you on the edge, wondering what will happen next, wondering how an author created a jaw-dropping, heart-stopping book. Then look no further. Genie has created that with this series." --Bunnies Review

Monday, July 13, 2015


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"Suspect on the move. Explosion reported at O'Shea residence." The words over the radio brought a moment of frozen silence among the emergency personnel at the command center coordinating rescue efforts amid the ruins of the town of Halo. 

My Pop is at the O'Shea's! Layla's gaze locked with Rochelle's, the EMT she had been helping treat people who had been injured. 

As one of the deputies raced toward a sheriff's vehicle with another man following close behind, Rochelle grabbed her bag. "Let's go!" 

Dread mingled with her reporter's instincts as Layla sprinted across ground littered with ash and debris. This could be the story of a lifetime--and, please, Lord, let Pop be safe. 

(Excerpts from Chasing the Legacy, copyright Genene Valleau writing as Genie Gabriel)

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