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Thursday, July 9, 2015


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"I've got to have those boots." Layla Dalton swung into a parking space in front of the two-story brick building that housed a bootery. This entire Eastern Oregon town felt like stepping back into an earlier era, complete with a horse-drawn wagon clopping down the street among the automobiles. 
The window display drew her with the same emotional magnet as returning to her hometown. She stared at the stonewashed lizard cowboy boots nearly the same color as the watery blue of her Pop's eyes. Fifteen years ago and she still remembered his sorrow and disappointment as if he was looking at her right now. 
Without the focus of driving, memories crowded her mind. What have you done, girl? Your mother would be so disappointed... 
She stared at the toes of her new boots. Just like looking into Pop's eyes. Perhaps buying them hadn't been such a good idea after all. 
With Valen behind the wheel, the miles sped by and the years receded, until Layla the award-winning journalist faded into a lost sixteen-year-old girl again.

(Excerpts from Chasing the Legacy, copyright Genene Valleau writing as Genie Gabriel)

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