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Wednesday, July 22, 2015


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A hulking, hairy figure similar to depictions she had seen of Bigfoot stood silhouetted in the headlights of a black truck. Adrenaline pumped through Layla's body as she cranked the ignition. "Come on, come on." 

The figure lumbered closer and closer as Layla pumped the gas pedal and once again tried to start the car. In slow motion, the beast-man drew nearer as Layla pumped and cranked. Pumped and cranked. 

"Get out of the car." The blade of a knife on the other side of the window, pointed at her throat. Okay, maybe not Bigfoot. 

He stopped and frowned at Layla. "You an innocent one?" 

Lie in the hopes of saving herself? Or tell the truth and risk being raped before Swaggerty killed her? "A long time ago. I thought he would love me forever." 

"Never trust a guy." Swaggerty looked around as if just realizing he intended to be somewhere else. "Give me your shoes." 

Layla looked down at the pale blue boots she had bought on the return trip to Halo. The ones the same color as Pop's eyes. These boots had been through Halo's explosions and Pop's guarded welcome and so many other experiences since she had come home. 


Yes, Halo was home. And she wanted to stay here. Wanted Pop to look at her with pride shining in his blue eyes. 
Eyes the same color as the boots Swaggerty demanded. "Both of them?" 

Swaggerty's laughter roared across the meadow. "You got more balls than brains, Missy Reporter. I like that." 

He held out a hand. "One boot it is. And your car keys." 

Balancing with one hand on the car, Layla slipped off her left boot and handed it to the beast-man. 

"I'd tell you not to follow, but know it wouldn't do any good. With only one boot and no car keys, that should slow you down enough you won't get in the way of what I have planned." 

Swaggerty walked away a few steps, then turned and looked back at Layla. "Use an old picture and be sure to spell my name right." 


"It didn't stop with Swaggerty's death." Claudia looked Layla full in the eyes. "He's not the only one out there."

(Excerpts from Chasing the Legacy, copyright Genene Valleau writing as Genie Gabriel)

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