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Sunday, February 24, 2013


Book #7 of the Halo Legacy Series will be released on March 1! Here's the cover for that book and a sneak peak romantic excerpt...


As Rochelle adjusted her perception to allow her father into her life, she also continued alternative treatments with Rena that would ensure cancer wouldn't invade her body again. 

Yet she was nervous when the time came for a follow-up appointment and tests with Shiloh. Shiloh's broad smile when she shared the test results told the story. Rochelle couldn't wait to tell Johnny. "Doc Shiloh said my blood work all looks good." 

"We should celebrate." Johnny's grin claimed his entire face. "How about dinner at the Blue Moon on French cafe night?"

Once a week, the Blue Moon Café was transformed into an intimate
French restaurant to showcase Antoine's special recipes. This formal night was very popular with couples in Halo, and was drawing customers from the surrounding county as well. 

"I don't have anything to wear." Rochelle frowned. 

Johnny rolled his eyes. 

"This is serious." 

"My apologies, milady." Johnny bent into a sweeping bow. "Then we must go visit the tailor immediately." 

"You're still making fun of me." 

"I'm teasing you because I didn't think you'd let me buy you a dress any other way." 

Rochelle's breath caught in her throat. "A man doesn't buy a woman a dress unless he's very interested in her." 

"And what if I am? What would you think about that?" 

Rochelle reminded herself to breathe. Watch for signs to embrace your feminine side, her guides had said. "I think I might be open to that possibility." 

"Besides, I'm your buddy, and buddies have privileges other guys don't have." 

"Yeah? Like what?" 

"Like laying the lady in question in a tub of bubbles and washing away the heartaches of a dozen years, while being a perfect gentleman." 

"That perfect gentleman seemed a little stiff in places." 

"I didn't do anything about that 'stiffness', did I?" 

"You made sure I was very aware of your...interest." 

"All part of your therapy to help you realize you're a beautiful, desirable woman." 

Rochelle laughed. "So should I expect an invoice for your therapy services?" 

"Let me buy you a dress and take you to dinner, and I'll consider the bill paid in full." 

Breathing still seemed a bit difficult for Rochelle as she absorbed the implication of these words. This spun her relationship with Johnny in a new direction, one they had been dancing around for months. Her old attitude would have blown him off. 

However, if anyone could appreciate that she was both strong and feminine, Johnny could. When she thought about his actions the last few months, he had done exactly that. "I'm sure there's something too good to be true about that deal, but I'll take it anyway." 

Rochelle knew she was walking off a cliff, but maybe--just maybe--she could find her wings and learn to fly before she crashed against the jagged rocks at the bottom. 

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