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Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I'm delighted to share the new covers for my Halo Legacy Series! All of them are shown in the blog banner. However, I'll also be sharing them one by one over the next week with a romantic excerpt about the book. The first book is PICTURE PERFECT LEGACY...


With great care, Marly lifted the creamy lace wedding gown over her head. The neckline dipped enough to hint at a modest cleavage, and the waist relied on cut and style to shape a lady's figure, not underwear of torture like a corset. 

However, the seemingly endless line of tiny buttons at the back provided a challenge. Unless she became a contortionist, Marly would never be able to fasten them by herself… 

"I can't get the buttons done up," Marly whispered. "Will you ask Beth or Audrey--" 

"I can do it." Dawson stepped behind Marly. As soon as his fingers touched her back, she froze. Shivers of awareness danced along her spine, rendering her unable to protest. 

The conversations of others in the room muted into the background. The modern lamps in the old building blurred and softened as Dawson's fingers feathered up her back, inch by tortuous inch. 

"Hold your hair up for me." Dawson's low command tingled the delicate flesh under her ear, but she managed to tuck a hand under her hair and sweep it off her neck with a minimum of trembling. 

His fingers hovered at the nape of her neck after fastening the last button…

"Omigod, don't move!" Audrey's exclamation startled both Dawson and Marly into compliance. "That's perfect. Absolutely perfect…We must get a picture of this for the new brochure…"