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Thursday, February 7, 2013


Drum roll, please! Here's the new cover for book #2 of the Halo Legacy Series and, in honor of Valentine's Day coming up soon, a romantic excerpt...


A silence settled between them, finally broken by Patrick's question. "So what do you want?" 

Wistfulness stole over Claudia as she gazed out the window. "I had a best friend in second grade." 

The only best friend I've ever had. 

"We sat together in class and played at recess. Sometimes I even went to her house to play." Claudia paused. She hadn't allowed these memories for a very long time. "Her house was quiet--no arguments. And safe. With a daddy who swung her up in big hugs and called her princess…I remembered their house with a white picket fence, and a daddy and mom who laughed and loved each other, and loved their little princess. That's what I want." Vulnerability swept over Claudia. Had she shared too much? 

"I think that's a fine dream." Patrick squeezed her hand. 

Silence settled again as they watched Todd sleep in his new little bedroom, innocence glowing in his face. 

"What's your dream, Patrick?" 

The question startled him. Left him scrambling for an answer that wouldn't seem flippant or corny. Finally he said, "I don't know." 

Claudia was quiet for a moment. "Maybe you could find one." 

A vision burrowed into Patrick's heart, bringing a glow of hope. Slowly, he nodded. "Maybe I could." 

Yet if he was honest with himself, Patrick's dream had already taken shape. He too wanted a family. Children to play inside that white picket fence, and a wife to bring joy to his home. 

A wife like Claudia. 

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