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Sunday, February 10, 2013


And here's the new cover for book #5 of my Halo Legacy Series, along with a romantic excerpt.


When at last Pierce's car pulled up, Tallie wanted to run outside like an eager child and see what they had bought. Pierce and Marly didn't relieve her curiosity by coming inside. She heard their voices and laughter, though, as they lifted a bag of potting soil out of the trunk and began filling a beautiful blue ceramic pot. From Marly's gestures, she was telling Pierce how to plant a rose bush. 

When Pierce carried the pot onto the broad front porch, Tallie thought she was at last going to have her curiosity satisfied. 

However, Pierce returned to the car, lifted another blue pot out of the trunk and began filling it with soil. When he stopped and looked at Marly, she nodded. He carefully placed another rose bush into the pot, tamped soil around it and carried the finished planter onto the porch, setting it a few feet away from the other pot. 

This continued three more times. Then Pierce picked up the empty bags the soil had been in and gathered up the tools, tucked them into the trunk of his car and closed the lid. He paused, looked directly at her, and mouthed the words, "I'm sorry." 

Puzzled, Tallie frowned. Then her mind started putting together the pieces. Beth's pregnancy. Tallie's memories of miscarriages. Five rose bushes. 

One for each miscarriage. 

Tallie couldn't stop the tears that streamed down her cheeks. 

The door opened and closed, and she knew it was Pierce. However, the house was strangely silent. Empty of other people who usually provided a buffer between Pierce and the emotions that assaulted Tallie whenever he was near. 

"You didn't forget," Tallie whispered. 

"How could I when you were such a part of my soul?" Pierce stood so close his breath feathered against her hair, but he didn't touch her. "I felt the loss too, but thought it would help you to try again. To do something positive. I tried to be gentle. I just didn't understand." 

Tallie remembered how gentle his lovemaking was after each miscarriage. The difference between male and female approaches. He wanted to take action; she needed time to deal with the emotions. 

"I couldn't give you what you wanted most. A son. An heir." I didn't feel worthy and your mother made sure I never forgot my past. Made sure I knew we would never marry unless I could produce a Stratford heir. So I took her money and snuck away like a coward. Without talking to you. Without saying good-bye. 

"What I wanted most was you, Tallie. What I still want is you." 

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