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Monday, February 11, 2013


And here's the new cover for book #6, my latest release in the Halo Legacy Series. Plus a romantic excerpt...


"Would you like to dance?" 

Shiloh gazed at her handsome escort. No smudges on his face from smoke and ashes. No sturdy turnouts with its fabric rough under fingers. 

Handsome. Serious. Sexy. 

Though he barely touched her fingers, the heat shimmered between them. 

Shiloh's breath caught in her throat. Tonight was different. He wasn't a hero doing his job. He was a man whose gaze looked into her soul. 

And found what? 

Did he see the holes where her memory had been? Did he sense her fear and wonder at her doubts? 

"I-I can't." 

A frown settled briefly on his brow. 

"I've never learned any dance steps--I just to sway to the music." Shiloh shrugged ruefully. 

"I can teach you." 

Shiloh's mouth went dry. She struggled to swallow as the fantasy of Jer's teaching her more than dance steps raised goosebumps across her skin. 

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