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Thursday, December 10, 2015


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When the driver pulled up to the villa, the sun-drenched adobe glowed in shades of pink from the setting sun. Red-tiled roofs jutted at different heights above the palm trees like children stair-stepped in awkward ages. Looking closer, shadows lurked under arched doorways and grilled windows, watching the latest arrivals with suspicious eyes. 

A doorman met them, fawning over Pierce as he directed a bellboy to unload the luggage and take it to El SeƱor's suite. 
Are you crazy? The thought occurred to Phoenix as she stepped into the tiled entryway, a long corridor stretching in either direction with numerous arched doorways. They walked under the central archway, which opened up into what would be considered a lobby in a western hotel. A central table offered information about the nearby local towns, and colorful chairs invited travelers to rest or chat. 

Most of the year, the villa hosted wealthy clientele who rented the suites. Except for times like now, when Portia had ordered all rooms be reserved for members of the board of Stratford Enterprises and their guests. 

Any of these people could be a criminal who would sell their own baby for a profit. Phoenix wasn't used to playing spy as the O'Shea family seemed so adept at doing. Why had this seemed like a good idea? 

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