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Saturday, December 12, 2015


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Unconsciously, Phoenix laid a hand over the baby growing in her womb and nodded. 

A man who wanted to be a daddy to her child. The wonder of that thought drifted slowly through her being. Her mind tested the foreign notions of trust and, dare she think it, love. Two things she hadn't experienced much in her life. She wouldn't take that step just yet, but would let the dream unfold bit by cautious bit in her heart. 

...CJ paused and looked into her eyes. "Also know I intend to be part of your life and a daddy to our baby. Whether she's a beautiful, thoughtful, courageous little girl like you or a hard-headed little boy like me, I intend to wake that child up in the morning with tickles and hugs, and kiss them good-night." 

Hope hitched in Phoenix's breast. Could a man really live that promise? She wanted to believe, but a shadow of doubt and fear still lingered. 

"When you're ready, I'd like to get married." 

The oh-so-casual statement almost slipped by Phoenix without generating panic. Almost. 

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