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Wednesday, December 2, 2015


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Nothing ever happens in small towns. 

The thought brought a wry twist of a smile to CJ O'Shea's mouth as he steered the truck around another pothole in the gravel road. 

Most people considered him a big-city attorney who thrived on social causes. Yet today he was delivering food and supplies to his family hiding out in an underground cavern while what was left of Halo, Oregon sat boarded up like a ghost town.

CJ veered to the left, circling a lake that surrounded the ruins of a stone monastery guarding the caverns where his family was hidden. The road was nothing but a dirt track here. A dirt track showing signs of recent traffic. 

With a frown, CJ downshifted. As the truck slowed, he rolled down the window and listened. 

All was quiet. Too quiet. 

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