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Thursday, December 3, 2015


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The call Phoenix Ash had dreaded since the last building was boarded up in her hometown had come in. Randall Weston and his cronies were closing in on Halo. 

Ironically, her life flashed before her eyes. A childhood with a timid mother and a father who mostly ignored her existence. Her teenaged years when she tried pretty much anything with anybody to gain attention. A desperate relationship with an abusive man who tried to control every detail of her life. 

And the night Charlene was killed saving Phoenix's life. 

"Please give me one-tenth of your courage, Char," Phoenix whispered as she walked through the farmhouse she loved, spreading the word to the other residents. 

They had practiced this moment for weeks. Dreaded yet anticipated its coming. One last, give-it-all attempt to save their town from the criminals who had wielded control several decades earlier. Taking over Halo once more would allow those crooks to reap the wealth in a vein of gold recently uncovered when most of the town was destroyed with dynamite. 

"We may not come back," Phoenix warned each person. "You can stay here if you want." 

No one even considered that option. 

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