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Monday, October 12, 2015


Book #7 of the Halo Legacy Series
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The three-story Victorian house had been built by the town’s founder for his adored wife, Constellation, in the eighteen hundreds. A turret framed each corner, connected by ornate white trim along the roofline. A wide porch perfect for sitting wrapped around two sides of this regal lady, and a curtain fluttered in an upstairs window where the ghost of Miss Stella kept watch. 

…Charlie had purchased Waring House for his beloved wife before Layla was born. Unfortunately, she had died giving birth to their only daughter, leaving Charlie and the baby alone in the huge Victorian house they had planned to fill with children. When a teenaged Layla abruptly left town, Charlie moved into a smaller house with his brother, not returning to the beautiful Victorian until Layla came home several months ago. 

…Since most of the town's houses and businesses had been destroyed by dynamite, the mayor had convinced the owner to allow businesses to use part of Waring House until the town could be rebuilt. 

The Blue Moon Café was on the first floor, where Johnny O'Shea was waiting tables while on leave from his job as a police officer.

...To keep boredom at bay since he returned to Halo, he had tagged along with whichever family member was going somewhere to do something. He went with Marly to her private counseling practice and answered phones while she saw clients. However, his mind wasn't really focused on listening to their laments, so he often confused appointments. 

Helping out at Beth's Blue Moon Café went better. He liked the people of Halo and most of them didn't get too upset when he mixed up their order.

(Excerpt from Shadow of the Legacy copyright Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel)

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