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Saturday, October 17, 2015


Book 7 of the Halo Legacy Series
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Since Johnny had time on his hands, he spent much of it informally working leads on the crimes that had plagued Halo over the past year. The crime spree seemed to start when his sister, Marly, returned to their hometown to search for the birth mother of a stolen baby. Explosions, arson fires and prescription drug selling followed. The latest mystery was the story printed about Bernie supposedly confessing to the murder of a woman. 

Was there a link among all these crimes? Or had criminals discovered Halo as they had found and terrorized a number of other small towns in recent years? 

However, Johnny could only ponder theories about these crimes for a limited time before needing physical activity. So when Rochelle asked him about caring for her daughter when she went out on calls, Johnny immediately agreed to take on the task. 

"Just if my mother isn't available," Rochelle insisted. "I don't want to impose on you." 

Already, Johnny's mind was busy planning activities to do with Ariel. What did first grade girls like to do besides color and play with dolls? Johnny would color or paint, but he refused to have tea parties with dolls. He had enough of that when Marly was a kid--though she quickly discovered activities she found more interesting. 

Like everything he did, Johnny approached caring for Ariel one hundred percent. Twice a week he picked her up from school and took her to private lessons with Luella, the orchestra director, who was teaching her to play the oboe. 

Other days he had math, reading or coloring worksheets printed out and ready to be completed. Johnny was quite pleased Ariel seemed to be ahead of her class in all her subjects at school and felt he could take some credit for that. 
Until the day of the Ariel Revolt. 

(Excerpt from Shadow of the Legacy, copyright Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel) For more info and excerpts from all the Halo Legacy series, visit www.GenieGabriel.com

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