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Sunday, October 25, 2015


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Rochelle sat in the waiting area--never her favorite pastime, and even less so knowing the man she loved could live or die. She had progressed from buddies to maybe a relationship to how could she live without Johnny in a very short time. Was she making another mistake about a man? 

The surgeons finally came out looking grim. "We've done all we can. It's in higher hands now." 

So Rochelle's vigil began. Over the next week, she split her time between sitting beside Johnny's hospital bed and hovering close to Ariel. 

Talk among the O'Shea brothers reflected an urgent need to aggressively pursue those perpetuating crimes in Halo. The town had been blown apart, followed by a series of arson fires. In addition, rumors had surfaced about continuing illegal sales of prescriptions. Collin had been shot, Jeremiah framed for arson, and now Johnny had been shot. 

Was Charlie right that the originators of the baby-selling ring were coming back to Halo? That no one would be safe until all those connected with the old Halo Police Department were jailed or dead? Did Bernie know that and was working to that end when he was killed?

(Copyright Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel)

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