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Monday, May 18, 2015


Were the changes in her because of Patrick or because of a new way of thinking about herself? Claudia wondered. Had she used past circumstances to feel sorry for herself and make excuses to avoid changing things she didn't like? Had she run away when life got tough rather than deal with difficult choices?

Claudia didn't sleep well that night, and was mostly silent during their train ride into town the next morning. She wondered if Patrick intentionally chose the task of helping set up play equipment at the homeless shelter to push Claudia into facing her past. But he seemed his usual cheerful self, laughing as the children climbed and chased each other around the new structure.

However, Claudia saw her baby in every young face, wondering if her little boy had toys that gave him great delight. When they returned to the sanctuary that evening, Claudia told Patrick it was time to return to Halo and face the mess she had left behind. Time to make a decision about her baby and face down the man who had sold him to a wealthy couple. 

(from Legacy of Angels, copyright Genie Gabriel)

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